Traxxas Suspension pin set, complete (hardened steel), 4X64mm (4), 4X22mm (4), 4X38mm (4), 4X33mm (4), 4X47mm (4)/ 3X8mm BCS (14)/ 3X6mm BCS (4)/ retainers (8)

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Suspension pin set, complete (hardened steel), 4x64mm (4), 4x22mm (4), 4x38mm (4), 4x33mm (4), 4x47mm (4)/ 3x8mm BCS (14)/ 3x6mm BCS (4)/ retainers (8)
This easy-to-install kit replaces the Maxx’s screw-in suspension pins with premium hardened-steel pins for maximum strength and durability. The pins are captured by button-head screws and retaining caps for secure installation, and the low-friction finish delivers super-smooth suspension performance. The complete set includes sixteen inner and outer pins for the upper and lower arms, four steering block kingpins, all required hardware, and illustrated instructions. Also compatible with the 8995 WideMaxx Kit.

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