Traxxas Deep-Terrain Traxx, TRX-4 (4) (complete set)

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Traxxas Deep-Terrain Traxx, TRX-4 (4) (complete set, front & rear)

Recommended for Optimal Performance
Part No. Description
TRA2250 Traxxas Servo, digital high-torque 330 coreless, metal gear (ball bearing), waterproof
TRA2255 Traxxas Servo, digital high-torque 400 brushless, metal gear (ball bearing), waterproof
TRA8247X Traxxas Servo horn, steering, metal/ 3x14 BCS (1)
TRA2262 Traxxas BEC, complete (includes receiver box cover and seals)

CAUTION: USE LOW GEAR Drive with the transmission in low gear to prevent overheating and permanent motor damage. On models equipped with single-speed transmissions, the stock gearing (17-T pinion and 39-T spur gear) is suitable for general use in most terrain with NiMH or 2s LiPo batteries. For mud or snow use, or when using a 3s LiPo battery, you must replace the stock gearing with an 11-T pinion and 45-T spur gear prior to driving.

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