RC4WD Mojave II Body Set for Trail Finder 2 (Primer Gray)

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RC4WD Mojave II Body Set for Trail Finder 2 (Primer Gray)

  • Injection Molded Plastic
  • Gray Color
  • Highly Detailed
  • Drop Bed
  • Comes with both full rear cab, or half portion
  • Clear Lexan Window
  • Dash with Steering Wheel
  • Decal Sheet for Dash
  • All hardware to assemble is included
  • Wheelbase: 11.3in / 287mm
  • Total Width: 7.56in / 192mm
  • Total Length: 19.2in / 486mm
  • Total Weight: 28.2oz / 800g

Shown installed with RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Truck Kit w/Mojave II Body Set (Z-K0049) for example (Not Included)

What's Included:

  • 1x RC4WD Mojave II Body Set for Trail Finder 2 (Primer Gray)

Required to Complete:
  • Modeling / Craft Knife
  • Body Reamer
  • Side Cutters
  • Instant glue / Plastic Cement  (prefer non whitening)
  • Hex Drivers (1.5mm, 2mm)
  • Cross Phillips Screwdrivers (small)

Items of Interest: (not required for completion)


Replacements Parts:
  • RC4WD Mojave II Front Cab (Primer Gray) (Z-B0070)
  • RC4WD Mojave II Rear Bed (Primer Gray) (Z-B0072)
  • RC4WD Mojave II Cab Back Panels and Grill Parts Tree (Primer Gray) (Z-B0074)
  • RC4WD Mojave II Chrome Bumper and Parts Tree (Z-B0076)
  • RC4WD Mojave II Clear Parts Tree (Z-B0078)
  • RC4WD Mojave II Dash and Wiper Parts Tree (Black) (Z-B0080)
  • RC4WD Mojave II Rubber Mirror (Z-B0082)
  • Mojave II Body Hardware Kit (Z-S1535)

Optional Parts:

  • Tonneau Cover for RC4WD Mojave II (VVV-C0207)
  • Interior Package for Trail Finder 2 / Mojave (VVV-C0378)
  • Interior Package for Mojave Body and Axial SCX10 I & II (VVV-C0379)
  • Mountaineer Roof Rack w/Lights for Mojave II Body Set (VVV-C0385)
  • RC4WD KC HiLiTES 1/10 C Series High Performance LED Light Bar (120mm/4.72") (Z-E0095)
  • RC4WD Mojave II Two Door Complete Interior w/Metal Details (Z-B0173)
  • RC4WD Mojave II Front Grille (Z-B0198)
  • RC4WD Mojave II Round Headlights and Marker Lights (Z-B0199)
  • Diamond Plate Rear Bed for RC4WD Trail Finder 2 RTR w/Mojave II Body Set (VVV-C0737)

  • LED Basic Lighting System For Mojave II 2/4 Door Body (Z-E0016)
  • Trail Finder 2 Plastic Body Posts (Z-B0029)
  • Scale Bench Seat for Mojave Body (Z-B0032)
  • RC4WD Tightfit Truck Topper for the Mojave and Hilux Bodies (Z-B0047)
  • Tough Armor Contractor Truck Rack for Mojave Body (Z-C0038)
  • 1/10 Hilux 4WD Emblem Set for Mojave and Hilux Body (Z-S0930)
  • RC4WD 1/10 V8 Emblem Set (Z-S1133)
  • Big Boss Fender Flares for Tamiya Hilux and RC4WD Mojave Body (Z-S0590)
  • Mojave Body Lift Kit for Trail Finder 2 (Z-S0682)
  • Steel Roll Bar for Trail Finder 2 (Z-S0771)
  • Front Inner Fender Set for Mojave / Hilux Body (Z-S1192)
  • RC4WD 1/10 4 Wheel Drive Emblem Set (Z-S1130)
  • RC4WD 1/10 V6 Emblem Set (Z-S1131)
  • RC4WD 1/10 Turbo Diesel Emblem Set (Z-S1132)
  • RC4WD 1/10 V8 Emblem Set (Z-S1133)
  • RC4WD 1/10 5.0 Emblem Set (Z-S1134)
  • RC4WD 1/10 RS Emblem Set (Z-S1135)
  • RC4WD 1/10 454 Emblem Set (Z-S1136)
  • RC4WD 1/10 SS Emblem Set (Z-S1137)
  • RC4WD 1/10 Super Charged Emblem Set (Z-S1138)
  • 1/10 Metal Emblem for Tamiya Hilux (VVV-C0007)
  • Truck Antenna for Tamiya Hilux & Bruiser (VVV-C0033)
  • Rear View Mirror for Hilux, Bruiser, and Mojave (VVV-C0055)
  • Highly Detailed Interior Set for Hilux, Bruiser and Mojave (VVV-C0057)
  • Rear Detailed Lenses for Tamiya Hilux, Brusier and RC4WD Mojave (VVV-C0103)
  • Leather Seats for Hilux (Brown) (VVV-C0071)

  • Fits RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Truck Kit w/Mojave II Body Set (Z-K0049)
  • This product does require assembly
  • Instructions are included
  • Painting the body is needed
  • No paint is included

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