PS-47 Iridescent Pink/Gold Paint, 100ml Spray Can

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PS-47 Iridescent Pink/Gold Paint, 100ml Spray Can

This spray paint was developed especially for decorating transparent polycarbonate bodies used in R/C car modeling. Each can contains 100ml of paint, which is the appropriate amount for finishing one complete model.

Painting polycarbonate bodies is done from the inside of the body shell as opposed to the outside of a traditional plastic model. When spraying body from the inside, keep the can about 30cm from the surface. After curing apply another coat as necessary. These paints are impervious to oil and fuels, so they can be safely used on gas-powered R/C bodies.

Iridescent colors: Shimmering polycarbonate colors which change with movement and angle from which they are viewed. Use in combination with PS5 Black to draw out vivid coloration.

Warning: Never use these paints on plastic models.
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