JConcepts Octagons - gold compound (fits 2.2" truck wheel)

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Battles can be won or lost in the "famed Octagon" and JConcepts pulled a ringer into thefight with an innovative 2.2" Stadium Truck tire. When it comes to high-bite,slick tire racing, look no further than the Octagons. At the appropriate time,and less tread is an advantage, vehicles can be tough to drive. The beauty ofthe Octagons lay just beneath the surface where JConcepts has removed a littlesurface area in the geometry based pattern.

The carcass is new, slightly lower profile than JConcepts slick tires of the past andincorporates heavy X-pattern style inner ribbing for increased support. Thecontinuous thickness carcass is light-weight and utilizes the industry standard2.2" mounting bead. Like the name suggests, the embossed tread which is Octagonshaped is repeated and overlapped to form a subculture of grippy surface edgesfor dry or abrasive surfaces.

The main surface of the tire has the reliable slick and smooth surface which gripsconditions as expected from a JConcepts tire. The Octagons are available ingreen, black and indoor clay, gold compounds to match just about any racingsurface. Each package includes the Dirt-Tech insert, popularized by its durablenature and gray color, provides customers the combo package they have beenwaiting for from JConcepts.


  • JConcepts innovative tread pattern
  • Embossed Octagon design for versatility
  • Light-weight carcass design
  • 2.2" mounting bead diameter
  • Inner X-pattern ribbing for support
  • Available in green, black and gold compounds
  • Includes Dirt-Tech inserts

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