JConcepts Ellipse - green compound (fits 2.2" buggy rear wheel)

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The Ellipse, named after the center bar built into the tread, is a compliment to successful tires such asthe Dirt Webs and Space Bars. The "Web" style tire was built to compete onsmooth high-grip indoor and outdoor surfaces which require a finely detailedconnected bar pattern. The center section of the tire is a home run utilizing adiamond "home plate" footprint to provide massive forward bite and increasedlongevity. The web of extensions are unique and have a directional touch givingthe racer the ultimate tune-ability.

The Dirt Web tire was originally released during the 2013 racing season and debuted in spectacular fashion witha win at the CRCRC Midwest Championships. Since that time, the Dirt Webs havebeen an industry leader for indoor performance and often chosen as a controltire for performance, reliability and consistency. During 2016, the Space Barswere introduced to a victory at the 1/10th Off-Road Nationals in the hands ofRyan Maifield in the 4wd modified class.

Jason Ruona explains, "The Ellipse has a slightly smaller carcass, it allows the driver to attackhigh-speed sections with more comfort. The "home plate" and connected web oftread has more stability high-speed and holds the tire together for today'shigh-powered vehicles. Connected tread wears significantly better which isuseful racing indoors where a racer can break-in and race with the same pairall weekend."

The Ellipse has already shownsuccess in the hands of Ryan Maifield taking TQ at the recent Spring IndoorNationals in Tacoma, Washington. The compound of choice for most indoor events,the exclusive gold compound, has shown to produce consistent results for racersweek after week. Included in each package, the Dirt-Tech closed cell insertsknown for their durable nature and gray color complete the race tuned package.


  • Designed in conjunction with World Champions
    • Ryan Maifield
    • Spencer Rivkin
    • Ryan Cavalieri
  • Ellipse center-bar control and support
  • Diamond "home plate" design with extension webs
  • 2.2" bead mounting size for compatibility
  • Available in multiple compounds
  • Includes Dirt-Tech Closed cell foam inserts

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