JConcepts Destination t-shirt - large

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Entering into a new decade, it's important to have a destination in mind. The goal in any motorsport is to make it to the Finish Line, with the new JConcepts t-shirt, you can look good doing it and reach the all-important destination. Fresh for the new season of racing, JConcepts drops the latest shield racing logo on the fastest looking t-shirt yet. The "since 03" authorized, lightning bolt and checkerboard design represents the finish line and for any racer, getting across first is what matters. The new JConcepts logo pops with authority and with a little haunting skull imaginary, speed and quickness are always at the forefront of this design.

JConcepts, established in 2003, is truly World Proven Innovation and Design.


  • Stealth black, 100% cotton t-shirt
  • Destination inspired design
  • Racers lightning bolt shield logo

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