JConcepts B6.2 | B6.3 precut chassis protective sheet - striker

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A high-end item used for many years on the performance side of RC racing is the chassis protectivesheet. For years, drivers have hand-cut and custom fit their chassis with aclear material protecting the new chassis look and also providing a smooth orslick surface to decrease friction between chassis and dirt surfaces. JConceptshas hit the easy and glamour button at the same time and is now offering aprecut and graphically pleasing chassis protective sheet for one of mostpopular 1/10th off-road vehicles on the market.

With 2 pieces included per package, the durable and resilient material fits eachchassis layout like a glove and adds protection and style in one easy package.Style, protection and performance, that's JConcepts.


  1. Clean Chassis
  2. Peel Decal
  3. Align on Chassis
  4. Apply

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