Pit Space Agreement:

In renting a private pit space from Offroad RC for one season, you agree to the following:

  1. Offroad RC will not be held responsible for any damage, theft, etc. of any equipment, or vehicles on the property. We recommend that you always lock your vehicle, all valuables should be taken home at the end of the day;
  2. This rental agreement of your assigned pit space is for one year only.
  3. Upon termination of your rental agreement, any equipment left in place must be removed within 30 days. After that date, the ownership of any equipment left will transfer immediately to Offroad RC;
  4. If you do not renew your pit space the following season, that spot will become the property of Offroad RC;
  5. The space must be kept free of garbage and recyclables; waste is to be taken home yourself and disposed of;
  6. Extensions cords must be unplugged and stored properly or removed after each day;
  7. You must not overload the power receptacles at each pit space;
  8. Should your membership be relinquished, so too are all rights to the use of the pit space;
  9. Payment for the pit space is non-refundable;
  10. Any disputes concerning pit space usage will be decided by the Anthony Bond, CEO of Offroad RC;
Payment for the pit space rental of $70.00 can be made instore, online or by E-Transfer sent to bond.anthony@offroadrc.net or cash.